Founded in 2002, we started as a help desk for latchkey kids. The Founder built a team that offered advice to students who seemed lost and lacked family support. Today, we provide a broad range of assistance. We offer monthly groceries, lunch pocket money and cooked dinners. Our signature program, Grant-A-Wish, helps needy students with necessities for education, health and basic living. We have thus provided spectacles, hearing aids, sports shoes or equipment, book vouchers and household items. Even fumigation services.
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Transport Subsidy

It is a programme that provides bus concession pass at zero cost to students who live more than 1.5km away from school, and with a monthly Per Capita Income of less than $300. This is to ensure that students are not missing school due to transport issues or inability to pay for transport.



a) Each child will receive a monthly bus concession pass for the school year.


b) The bus concession pass is provided for the length of the school year and is subject to renewal at the end of this period. Students must maintain 80% attendance in school and at Children’s Wishing Well (CWW), and submit their report books quarterly for verification. CWW reserves the right to terminate the subsidy at its sole discretion without prior notice.


c) Students will need to re-apply for the subsidy after the school year ends.




How to sign up:

Download the registration form below, complete it and email to us at together with the supporting documents.

Registration Form