Founded in 2002, we started as a help desk for latchkey kids. The Founder built a team that offered advice to students who seemed lost and lacked family support. Today, we provide a broad range of assistance. We offer monthly groceries, lunch pocket money and cooked dinners. Our signature program, Grant-A-Wish, helps needy students with necessities for education, health and basic living. We have thus provided spectacles, hearing aids, sports shoes or equipment, book vouchers and household items. Even fumigation services.
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About Daily Lunch

Many of our children come in famished for their tuition after school. Some of them resort to eating instant noodles every day because that is all they can afford while others go hungry till they go home for dinner.It is not fun when you are told to sit out during sports because you feel light headed due to not having your lunch.Though all our beneficiaries are covered by the Strait Times School Pocket Money Fund, $2 is not enough to cover lunch, is it? The beneficiaries are only given extra money on the days they stay back in school for extra classes or CCA.


CWW believes that all children should have full tummies. It is impossible to function on an empty stomach. Concentration wanes, with hunger and exhaustion overtakes as the afternoon progresses.


The lack of essential nutrients can have an irreversible impact on the child’s overall development, including delayed motor development and impaired cognitive function, leading to poor school performance. It is critical for us to invest in the human and cognitive development of our children.


As such, we  provide sandwiches daily at our centre.The sandwiches will fortify these students to concentrate on their studies and function effiently. We strive to create a nutritional anchor and a consistent lunch routine for the children every school day.


Food shouldn’t be out of reach for children.They shouldn’t have to worry where their next meal will come from. Your generosity can change that.






Donation encouraged to provide daily meals.