Reach for the Stars - CHILDREN'S WISHING WELL
Founded in 2002, we started as a help desk for latchkey kids. The Founder built a team that offered advice to students who seemed lost and lacked family support. Today, we provide a broad range of assistance. We offer monthly groceries, lunch pocket money and cooked dinners. Our signature program, Grant-A-Wish, helps needy students with necessities for education, health and basic living. We have thus provided spectacles, hearing aids, sports shoes or equipment, book vouchers and household items. Even fumigation services.
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Reach for the Stars

The social service sector has traditionally adopted a “helping” narrative, providing assistance to people who are deemed “needy”. As a natural consequence, people try to prove themselves as helpless as possible so as to qualify for assistance. Children’s Wishing Well is trying to turn this entrenched mind-set around with a new programme along an “empowering” narrative for we see people not as “what’s wrong”, but “what’s strong”.


One of our latest empowering programmes is “Reach for the Stars” where students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are keen and talented in areas such as music, arts and crafts and sports can be sponsored to pursue personalized training or qualifications to help them achieve their potential.


This programme serves as an incredible initiative for talent spotting and supporting our kids’ talents, so that they can develop a skill set to break out of their poverty cycle and scale greater heights. So far, we have sponsored children for art, hip hop dance, women’s rugby, and football under this programme.

Some students request for additional support through tuition or therapy and they are assisted through this programme as well to support their advancement.


Sponsor a child by looking through the profiles below and writing in to us.

How to sign up:

Download the registration form below, complete it and email to us at together with the supporting documents.

Registration Form

Sponsor A Child

  • Rizqi, 11yo
    Course: Visual Art Intermediate
    Fee: $541/Term (8 Lessons)

    I want to draw creative things like animals. On my free time, I learn how to blend, draw, paint and colour. I am good at colouring but bad at blending. However, I can practice how to control my wrist and get help from my teacher. My teacher says I am good at drawing and hopes to send me for competitions. I also want to participant in the competitions to see how creative I am. When I grow up, I want to be a great, famous art painter.

  • Arianna, 10yo
    Course: Professional Art Course
    Fee: $821.86/Term (13 Lessons)

    As an art lover, I wish to learn more art techniques. Art is not just about fun, it also makes me calm and patient. I can express my emotion in art. When I started classes, I was interested in canvas painting. As I learnt more, I shared my art knowledge with my younger siblings and can now bond with them through art by showing them how to draw and paint. My goal is to be an art teacher.

  • Xin Yi, 12yo
    Course: Fine Art
    Fee: $194 /Month

    My goal is to create amazing artworks solely based on my creativity. I want to inspire others with the art I create. I believe that if I want to reach this goal, I would have to put in time and effort into art and not give up. If I continue to attend art lessons, it will help me improve my skills faster and I would be able to achieve my goal.

  • Zhen Jie, 11yo
    Course: Robo Coder Senior

    Fee: $357.50/Term

    I want to continue robotics because I want to build bigger things. I first learned about robotics after going to a boot camp and made a robot that said “Stop global warming and the system” in a VR headset. I became interested in robotics after that experience. I have been learning at coding for about 4 months. I have learned how to build robots and how to code them to make them move, and produce specific actions. Now I am bad at coding so I want to improve my coding skills and hope to be an engineer.

  • Danish, 12yo
    Course: Fine Art 4
    Fee: $192/Month

    When I was in P3, I walked around the art room and saw many artwork; most my teacher’s. I was excited and amazed at how it looked so I went home and started practicing. I used mostly pencils and pens for drawing. Sometimes for big portraits, I used marker so that it can be bettervisible. I am interested in art because I can make shapes, sketch building, paint and more.

  • Douglas, 11yo
    Course: Hip Hop Dance
    Fee: $384/Month

    I want to be sponsored for dance classes because I really love to dance but we are on money issues and I don’t want to miss the chance to learn dance. Where I was a young (a baby), my mother would let me listen to music and I would fall asleep. Slowly when I grew up, I got used to the beat of the music and started to dance. I have been selected for different dance competitions and I have learnt how to dance different styles. I want to be good at my solo dance. The challenge with solo dance is that all eyes would be on me so I cannot make a mistake. I can overcome this by being happy and enjoying the dance.

  • Hakeem, 12yo
    Course: Game Coder
    Fee: $305.50/Term (8 Lessons)

    I know a lot about coding. I understand the block codes but I have not learnt anything about the typing codes. I aim to learn how to code roblox games as I can help my siblings if they need anything. I want to be a good brother to them. I will also be able to apply for DSA to Secondary School with my coding knowledge.

  • Sherlyn, 13yo
    Course: Educational Therapy
    Fee: $109/Month

    I want to continue with lessons as I like my friends and teacher there as they are nice and kind to me . As my dad is working during his shift of 12 hours, I can see is very tired already, so I hope you can help me. This learning gives me a lot of support for my knowledge.

  • Siqing, 11yo
    Course: Chinese Dance Level 8

    Fee: $991.00/Term

    I want to be a professional dancer when I grow up. I love my friends and my teacher at my dance school. I love to dance and I practice at home too. I want my mama to be proud of me

  • Ka Ping, 8yo
    Course: Math Olympiad
    Fee: $1064.12/Semester (17 Lessons)

    I am Ka Ping. I am 8 years old. I want to learn Math Olympiad because the math questions at school are too easy and I wanted something more challenging. I will become smarter and better at doing maths. I like math because I like to think. I also like to solve puzzles. I joined math Olympiad ever since I was in P2. I want to study math olympiad until I am in Secondary 2. Sometimes when my hands get tired, I get a hand break. If I fall sick, I will join zoom class. I want to work at Google as a programmer. This course will help me learn programming much easier because my math is better.

  • Evan, 10yo

    I want to learn piano because I find it very fun and enjoyable. And I hope to get to grade two to three by this year. I have been learning piano for 4 months and completed one practice book and three piano songs. I can play songs for my church and let my friends enjoy hearing my songs.

    My piano teacher tells me when I make a mistake. She also helps me improve in my piano. It is very hard to read the piano score. So I memorise the notes and now I can read the notes. I can memories the songs well and I also practice at home. In the future when I am 15 years old, I will perform.

  • Zalvian, 14yo
    Course: Robo Coder Senior
    Fee: $357.50/Term (8 Lessons)

    I am extremely passionate about coding. It is remarkably fun and I am hoping to do text coding instead of block coding in the near future as I want a greater challenge. Coding will probably be a fundamental reason to the growth of the future . Even if I do not take up a career revolving around coding, it would make my life easier and I can do many things by myself. Coding can make people’s lives significantly more convenient and efficient. If one person can make a difference, imagine what a whole nation could do if they had even the basics of coding.

  • Faith, 12yo
    Course: Children’s Art
    Fee: $834.25/ Semester (Jan to May)

    I am interested in art and have always wanted to be an artist in the future. Through these sponsored classes, I am hoping to gain as much knowledge of art so I can be a successful artist.  With the sponsorship I don’t have to worry about my family’s difficulty in paying for the fees. My strength is in drawing and I know I am getting closer to my goals through this course. I hope to be able to join School Of The Arts (SOTA) in the future by Direct School Admission (DSA).

  • Tong En, 16yo
    Course: Piano
    Fee: $386.95/Month

    My interest started out with watching musicals and watching other play on the piano. I liked how they look when playing it and how professional it looked. As I grew, I saw adults in my church playing and the way they played, touched me and inspired me to want to help out too. I want to get better at the piano to increase my horizons and use the skills I learnt to teach other’s also. Aside from this, I wish to gain some soft skills that can mold my personality and character.

  • Odelia, 8yo
    Course: Piano
    Fee: $180/Month

    I want to learn piano because I want to play my favourite songs. I want to get to grade 2 by end of this year. I can play about 22 songs after learning piano for 4 months. I have finished one and a half of my practice book. I need to practice my skills so that I can play a lot of songs. My teacher points out my mistake so that I can improve. I have a piano so that I can practice and become good. It is difficult to read the piano scores. I ask my teacher for help if I do not know how to read the notes. I am good at memorizing the songs. In future when I am 18 I want to play for my church. I will stay healthy so I will not miss any piano lessons

  • Atiqah, 10yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $130/Month

    Ever since I am small, my mum liked to bring me to the swimming pool. Little by little, I learnt how to swim from my mum and brother. Just the basics of swimming. I wanted to learn more on swimming because I love swimming a lot. I hope I get to learn swimming and make it my hobby or become a great swimmer.

  • Lyha, 9yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $100/Month

    I want to continue learning swimming in 2024. I was interested in learning because I saw people swimming and kids having fun. Since my classes, I learnt how to front float and how to dive to the bottom. I make sure I never miss any lesson and I want to be a great swimmer. My strength is that I keep trying. I will keep practicing swimming until I pick up the skill.

  • Win Nie, 13yo
    Course: Guitar
    Fee: $419.65/Term (11 Lessons)

    I want to continue guitar as I love and am very interested in Music. It helps me relax myself after a long day at school or when I am stressed. I also think I will have more chances in school a school or future career. Although guitar may be difficult to learn, I am very dedicated and I stay committed to practicing in my free time. I hope I can make a song with my friends one day.


  • Sofiyyah, 8yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $100/Month

    My goal is to be a National Swimmer. I like swimming because it is fun and it is my weekly exercise. I am the best swimmer in my school and I can beat my sister in swimming. Swimming is so fun because my coach is so funny and she also lets me play games. It is the best exercise I ever had in my life. I have learnt breaststroke, how to float and will be able to save myself and save people.

  • Irdina, 16yo
    Course: Violin
    Fee: $877.45/Term (11 Lessons)

    I really enjoy playing the violin and I hope to progress to higher grades in future and become a skilled violinist. I was first interested in this area because  my parents wanted to expose me to the violin and enrolled me into violin enrichment when I was 8. As time went by, I realised that violin was a really fun hobby and that there was so much to learn about it. Hence I became even more interested and decided to join strings CCA in both my Primary and Secondary School. I know that violin is one of the hardest instruments to learn . I will ensure that I will commit by consistently practicing whenever I can and attend my classes regularly. I hope to expose myself to many opportunities in future.


  • Aoife, 10yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $130/Month

    I used to ask my mummy to take me to the pool but because no one in my family knows how to swim, I had to stay in the baby pool. Since I started classes, I really like swimming lessons because they give me a way to learn and improve through the coach’s advice. I was initially worried about the swimming techniques but I want to continue because I want to learn them well alongside my peers.  I hope to learn how to swim so I can stay healthy and hopefully one day I will be able to fulfil my dream of being a policewoman.