Reach for the Stars - CHILDREN'S WISHING WELL
Founded in 2002, we started as a help desk for latchkey kids. The Founder built a team that offered advice to students who seemed lost and lacked family support. Today, we provide a broad range of assistance. We offer monthly groceries, lunch pocket money and cooked dinners. Our signature program, Grant-A-Wish, helps needy students with necessities for education, health and basic living. We have thus provided spectacles, hearing aids, sports shoes or equipment, book vouchers and household items. Even fumigation services.
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Reach for the Stars

The social service sector has traditionally adopted a “helping” narrative, providing assistance to people who are deemed “needy”. As a natural consequence, people try to prove themselves as helpless as possible so as to qualify for assistance. Children’s Wishing Well is trying to turn this entrenched mind-set around with a new programme along an “empowering” narrative for we see people not as “what’s wrong”, but “what’s strong”.


One of our latest empowering programmes is “Reach for the Stars” where students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are keen and talented in areas such as music, arts and crafts and sports can be sponsored to pursue personalized training or qualifications to help them achieve their potential.


This programme serves as an incredible initiative for talent spotting and supporting our kids’ talents, so that they can develop a skill set to break out of their poverty cycle and scale greater heights. So far, we have sponsored children for art, hip hop dance, women’s rugby, and football under this programme.

Some students request for additional support through tuition or therapy and they are assisted through this programme as well to support their advancement.


Sponsor a child by looking through the profiles below and writing in to us.

How to sign up:

Download the registration form below, complete it and email to us at together with the supporting documents.

Registration Form

Sponsor A Child

  • Fadhilah, 15yo

    Course: Sec 3 Math
    Fee: $360/Month

    My ambition is to become a nurse or an army personnel. Since I was younger, I like to play doctor and take care of other peopleThis tuition has helped me to understand more on the topics I do not understand. They will go through it slowly and if I still do not understand, they will go through it again. . My dream is to have good grades and pass my ‘N’ level and go to a course that I really want.

  • Zhen Jie, 10yo
    Course: Robo Coder Senior

    Fee: $357.50/Term

    I want to learn coding so I can make a drone. Drones are expensive to buy. I like playing with them because when I was 7 years old, someone gave it to me. Sadly, it is no longer working. I attended a microbit boot camp during the June holidays and the teacher told me that I could build a larger drone if I learn coding. I will be grateful to the person who gives me the chance to learn coding.

  • Hong Da, 9yo
    Course: Visual Art

    Fee: $440/Term (8 Lessons)

    Art is fun and almost all artworks are not real. They are a product of a person who was creative. I want to be one too because I can think of my own ideas most of the time and drawing is one thing I love. I want to get better and colour better as I improve bit by bit.


  • Danish, 11yo
    Course: Fine Art 4
    Fee: $192/Month

    When I was around 5 I started practicing drawing. I used to draw me and my family, houses, cars, town and more. The reason that I want to learn how to draw is that I was inspired and picked up drawing as my hobby from YouTube. I even joined art club as a CCA in school! I like to draw because after the process, it is very nice.

  • Xin Yi, 12yo
    Course: Fine Art 3
    Fee: $192.00/Month

    I want to continue this art enrichment course as I have been enjoying it. I learned many new skills such as sketching and painting. The sketching skills I learned have come in handy when doing my art drawings and allowed me to draw even better. This course has also taught me patience during my activities. Previously, I would give up and stop midway through my drawings as I lost patience. However, after the art classes, I am much more patient and can finish all my pictures in one sitting without taking regular breaks. 

  • Qadeeja, 11yo
    Course: Swimming

    Fee: $100.00/Month

    The thing that makes me want to learn how to swim is if there is an emergency, for example some is drowning or maybe I fall inside the water, I could easily swim back to shore. Swimming is really fun maybe I could be a pro swimmer. Swimming is also good for me as it keeps me relaxed. And also swimming is really fun as I can race or play catching with my friends or siblings. And I want to be tall. I heard if you go swimming, it makes you taller and right now I am short.


  • Jedidiah,  12yo
    Course: Tinker Coder
    Fee: $357.50/Term (8 Lessons)

    I would like to continue coding because it has been fun and I have enjoyed it. Last year, I was placed on Tinker coder level where I could further revise my scratch applications as well as learn a new platform by the name of Minecraft Education edition. Much to my delight, this year, the centre has levelled me up to Python Coder programme whereby I am able to learn coding on a higher level using different techniques. My aspiration is to join DSTA where I can work under the software technology in cyber defence.



  • Doa, 11yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $90/Month

    I really enjoy swimming lessons and get to learn a lot about swimming. I have learnt a lot so far, like flutter kick etc. I will continue the confidence and hard work I have put in during the swimming lessons. I will surely make use of the support that I am given.



  • Rui An, 14yo
    Course: Sec 2 Chinese
    Fee: $391.50/Month

    I want Chinese tuition to improve my vocabulary. Adding on, I want to speak fluent Chinese and improve my results. I want to be known by my increase in results. Lastly, I want to be able to help my brother with Chinese if he does not know how to do.

  • Rizqi, 10yo
    Fine Art
    $440/Term (8 Lessons)

    I like art because it is colourful. Art provides me a unique and powerful platform for self-expression. Through various artistic mediums like drawing, painting, sculpting, or even digital art, I can communicate my thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a creative and meaningful way. Art encourages innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills which are important if I want to pursue science, engineering, technology and entrepreneurship. The skills I learn through the lessons will help me in life and my future career.  

  • Emmanuel, 16 yo
    Course: Principles of Account
    Fee: $400/Month

    I need help for my Principles Of Account (POA) and  wish to enrol for extra classes. As i am a reserved and shy person, i find it better to learn in smaller classes, where i do not need to feel ashamed to voice out opinions or questions. Through this sponsorship, i hope to be able to get someone that can guide me through the right concepts and strategies to boost my POA results. With the guidance I can get, I wish that it will not only bring my POA results up but also push my overall N-level score up in order for me to get to sec 5 and eventually get into BioMed course i wanted.


  • Hadaitul, 10 yo
    Course: Primary 4 Math and Science
    Fee: 254.88/Month

    I am too young to work and need to study well to get good results. This scholarship would help me and motivate me. As my family is unable to pay for the fee, I will appreciate and make good use of this opportunity.

  • Siqing, 11yo
    Course: Chinese Dance Level 7
    Fee: $765.00/Term

    I want to be a professional dancer when I grow up. I love my friends and my teacher at my dance school. I love to dance and I practice at home too. I want my mama to be proud of me

  • Nayla, 10yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $100/Month

    I want to learn swimming because it is an important life skill. Learning swimming will help me feel safe in the water. I also believe that learning a skill will teach me self-discipline. While swimming is known to be a recreational activity, if I hone my skills in the pool, I hope to be good enough to start competing in competitions. Spending time in the water always lifts my mood.

  • Zahra, 8yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $100.00/Month

    I love my coach because she is so funny and friendly. Swimming is so important. If CWW did not sponsor, my mother would not be able to afford my swimming lesson fees because I have many siblings who want to join this swimming lesson. I also want to be a National Swimmer when I grow up. I want to be a National Swimmer because I will make my parents proud of me and I will make a lot of money for my parents. I love the way that me and my parents are all happy.

  • Lyha, 9yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $90/Month

    Thank you for supporting me in my swimming lessons. I will keep learning my swimming. I learnt to be confident and hardworking. I will not give up and will continue learning.

  • Win Nie, 13yo
    Guitar Beginner
    $415.80/Term (12 Lessons)

    I want to learn how to play the guitar for my own enjoyment. I want to perform for friends and family and feel a sense of pride. I hope in the future I can create a song using my guitar. I might event consider starting a band with my friends and making music together.


  • Ryan, 11yo
    Course: Primary 4 Science
    Fee: $148.50/Month

    I would like Science tuition because I am not good in Science. I want to do better and I want to score well. I want to make my grandmother proud with the results.


  • Ai Yun, 15yo
    Course: Piano
    Fee: $583.20/Term

    I can learn a different skill and also play piano for my family members. If there is an opportunity, I would play for wedding ceremonies and maybe go into the music field.


  • Irdina, 15yo
    Violin Grade 5
    Fee: $869.40/Term (11 Lessons)

    With this sponsorship, I would be able to develop and improve my skills to achieve higher grades in violin. Apart from music skills, I also learnt many important soft skills. For example, I realised how important discipline, resilience, responsibility, and consistency is. These soft skills that I learnt will help me in every field of life. I will work hard and do my best to achieve my dream of becoming a skillful player with good moral values. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, I hope to be able to complete grade 8.


  • Odelia, 8yo
    Course: Piano
    Fee: $180/Month

    I want to learn piano because I want to learn new songs. Playing piano makes me very happy and joyful. I hope I can learn how to play and can bring joy to my friends and family. I hope one day I can be a piano teacher and teach other people as well and to help them be happy too.


  • Sofiyyah, 7yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $100/Month

    I choose swimming because when I grow up I want to save people from drowning and also exercise my body. I want to teach students how to swim, swimming is so important. I want to be a national swimmer when I grow up. My siblings also join swimming class so I can join them during lessons.


  • Ka Ping, 8yo
    Course: Math Olympiad
    Fee: $1064.12/Semester (17 Lessons)

    I like the challenges in the Math Olympiad exercises. They let me try problems that I have never come across before. They are difficult but the teachers showed us examples of how to solve them. I followed the examples, I tried many problems. Some of them were similar, most of them I could do easily. But some were too hard for me. I asked father to help me. At first, I could not follow. After some time, I understood the way to solve them. I felt very happy when finally, I solved the problems. I hope to learn more from the course.

  • Kaelynn, 10yo
    Course: Fine Art

    Fee: $192.00/Month

    I am happy that I take art lessons and I would want to continue to learn drawing. My most favorite art work was the peacock canvas which used wax to do the outline. I also learned to use different techniques and materials for each artwork. For example, I used charcoal to shade and to do blending with tissue. One of the lessons, I made a puppet using soft clay. It was an interesting lesson. With more lessons, I would be able to improve in my drawing and painting. I can use the techniques that I learn to apply in my art lessons in school.


  • Khaliqsah, 16 yo
    Sec 4 Emath
    Fee: $984/Term (13 Lessons)

    I am currently in Secondary 4 and preparing for the ‘O’ Levels. I have been struggling a lot and I am really hoping to improve on it to get the course I want at polytechnic in the near future. Despite constantly doing self-revision, I still require a platform where I can share my uncertainties and seek clarification. With this sponsorship I will take as much initiative on my part where I would be punctual and present for every class.

  • Junior, 16 yo
    Course: Sec 4 Amath
    Fee: $284.58/Month

    My house is never quiet which makes it difficult for me to concentrate on my studies sometimes. I have tried out a few study methods but none of them seem to be really working out for me. That was why I asked whether I could be enrolled in tuition so that I can improve before my ‘O’ Levels. I promise to attend my classes diligently and as my prelims are only a few months away.

  • Evan, 10yo

    I want to learn Piano because my neighbour and my cousins play the piano very well and I want to play like them. I want to play for my friends and family. I have a few songs that I like and want to play but it is hard, and I cannot play them. I want to learn the notes so that I can play and be good at the songs I like. I will practice everyday what my piano teacher teaches me so that I can be good at it.

  • Jasdiana, 16yo
    Course: Sec 4 Science
    Fee: $280.00/Month

    I need science tuition because I need help for my studies as I am taking my N-Level Examinations this year. I want to get good grades for my science subject. With the help of the tuition, I will not be worried about asking questions when I am in doubt.


  • Emma, 15yo
    Course: Sec 3 Science
    Fee: $148.50/Month

    I think that tuition would help me as it would allow me to learn better and understand the concepts easier. I think I would be able to clarify with questions when I am unable to clarify it when my teachers are going through in class. I would also get more drill and practice which would better develop my answering skills.


  • Abdillah, 12yo
    Course: P6 Math and Science
    Fee: $236.00/Month

    I want to continue learning and seeking. I want to be a useful human being for myself and others. I hope I can make my family proud by doing well for PSLE.

  • Hadaitul, 15yo
    Course: Sec 2 Maths & Science

    I would like to join tuition because I want to improve my studies that are not good. It Is hard for me to study alone or with my classmates as I am shy to ask questions in front of many people.

  • Zalvian, 13yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $100.00/Month

    I want to continue my swimming lessons as it is a crucial life skill and the fact that it helps me to grow taller and be healthier as a person. It also helped me with my discipline as going to swimming class after a long day is not easy but I still managed to do it constantly.

  • Maryam, 9yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $100.00/Month

    I want to continue my swimming lesson because it is good for my body and it can teach me how to swim using my board. Swimming is important because it prevents me from drowning. My coach is very helpful and funny she event help my friend and my sibling to float. And also, when I go to the beach, If I see someone drowning, I am gonna help them quickly. And If I am a good swimmer, I can help some people who are not good. And if I go to the National competition, if I get an award or prize or money, I will help my family to pay their bills. When my younger sister joins the swimming lessons, I will help her a little bit before she joins the swimming lesson.

  • Alfiz, 9yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $100.00/Month

    I want to continue swimming lesson with coach. I enjoy learning new things during swimming lessons like breaking under the water. Recently, I learnt how to float in the water. I really enjoy my swimming lessons. I wish when I grow up, I can be the fastest swimmer to represent Singapore in swimming competitions




  • Zalvian, 13yo
    Course: Robo Coder Senior
    Fee: $357.50/Term (8 Lessons)

    I want to continue my coding lessons as I want to take a degree in computer science and also the fact that coding is the second coolest thing apart from chess and also this lessons can help me become an engineer.

  • Syareen, 10yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $100.00/Month

    I am afraid of the deep water pool. But now, I am quite confident with slightly deep pool. Now I have begun to love swimming and enjoy every lesson as much as possible. I don’t want to miss any lesson. But I want to continue because I want to be a good swimmer when I get older. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn swimming.

  • Tong En, 15yo
    Course: Advanced Ensemble
    Fee: $219.35/Month

    I want to continue learning piano because I want to complete the course. I have been learning the piano and I do not want to give it up and let all the work go to waste. I also do not want to disappoint or let my parents down. I am interested to serve in playing hymns in the church.



  • Sheryln, 12yo
    Course: Educational Therapy
    Fee: $108.00/Month

    I like my classes and I did not miss any classes at all!


  • Jasfita, 12yo
    Course: P6 Science
    Fee: $237.60/Month

    I need this science tuition so that I can pass my PSLE. With this tuition I may have a higher chance to pass. This tuition helps me to revise on my work too.

  • Ethan, 13yo
    Course: Python Coder
    Fee: $357.50/Term (8 Lessons)

    Ever since I started learning to code, it has helped me with acquiring new skills such as problem-solving, thinking out of the box and teaching me to persevere to the end. This made me learn that success must be acquired through hard work and cutting corners is never going to work.

    As more and more careers start requiring digital knowledge, having coding skills will enable me to learn about other IT-related things such as fixing computer bugs. Knowing how to code is becoming a larger and larger advantage and I hope to build upon that further.


  • Octavia, 12yo
    Course: Sketching Class
    Fee: $370.00/Module (10 Lessons)

    I would like to continue with art classes to progress to advanced levels of art. I still remember when I was asked to draw a lightbulb on the first day. I found it very hard. But after attending many lessons, it comes to me very easily now. I pushed to practice and that helped improve some of my skills. It is so helpful that the steps used to teach are broken down to simple shapes. And when put together forms a piece of art. I enjoy it so much that if I am qualified enough, I hope to teach other people someday. Thank you for paying for my art classes.


  • Rachel, 12yo
    Course: Digital Drawing
    Fee: $410.00/Module (10 Lessons)

    I would like to continue with my art lessons. In this 1 year of having art class, I found that art to me is interesting and as a proof, I will join every art class unless I am sick/other school activities. Doing this 1 year of art class, I got certificate for participating for a competition. I have improved a lot in my art, and every year my art is an A. My art teacher also says that I am creative with ideas to draw.

  • Judah, 11 yo
    Course: Fine Art 3
    Fee: $192.00/Month

    I would like to continue my art lessons because I love art and the lessons that I have attended have taught me many new things. Surprisingly, aside from the classes, this programme has also taught me independence because of its location as I learnt to travel home after lessons. Before I joined art lessons, I only learnt ceramic, painting, sketching, using oil pastels and colouring. When I joined, I experienced crafting in making the “Queen of Hearts” and also a traditional Peranakan house through origami paper and cardboard. 

  • Shahril, 11yo
    Course: Speech & Language Therapy
    Fee: $500/Month

    I would like to continue lessons with Ms J (therapist) because before I met her, I was not able to speak clearly or form sentences. I could only say yes or no. My friends could not understand what I say to them. Now, I can speak better. I have also read so many books. I can read level 3 now. I want to improve more. We are learning how to handle oral examination. It is very intense still. I hope to continue and get better with speaking and reading. Thank you for your support.

  • Aoife, 9yo
    Course: Swimming
    Fee: $130/Month

    Recently my mummy fell sick, and she keeps telling all of us to take good care of our health. We have to have to eat the right food and exercise. So, I have been thinking, since I love sports and the sun, why not swim? I started to ask mummy to take me to the pool but because no one in my family knows how to swim, I had to stay in the baby pool. I hope to learn how to swim so I can stay healthy and hopefully one day I will be able to fulfil my dream of being a policewoman.