Counselling: Resumption of Counselling Services at CWW - CHILDREN'S WISHING WELL
Founded in 2002, we started as a help desk for latchkey kids. The Founder built a team that offered advice to students who seemed lost and lacked family support. Today, we provide a broad range of assistance. We offer monthly groceries, lunch pocket money and cooked dinners. Our signature program, Grant-A-Wish, helps needy students with necessities for education, health and basic living. We have thus provided spectacles, hearing aids, sports shoes or equipment, book vouchers and household items. Even fumigation services.
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Counselling: Resumption of Counselling Services at CWW

08 Jul Counselling: Resumption of Counselling Services at CWW


The stressors that children face mimics those that are faced by adults. Therefore it is paramount that we take care of our children’s mental health and well-being. A good mental health allows children to cope and manage stress, feel good about themselves and build positive relationships with others. It is also fundamental for optimal development and helping children to reach their full potential.

Counselling provides a safe space for children to express themselves, learn coping skills and work together to address social and emotional issues in their lives.

With the resumption of counselling services, we continue to journey with our children and families.